Add a Touch of Style to Your Next Project with Aluminum Handrail

New builds and renovation jobs are always looking for ways to make the space "pop" a bit. It doesn't have to be something big. Something that gives the building, property, or area a sharper look. But finding the right "silver lining" can be difficult. That is why we suggest adding a touch of style with our Aluminum Handrail

This durable and versatile handrail can be used in many different handrailing applications. Whether it's lining a stairway with wall-mounted grab rail and picket infill two-line handrail, a long line of handrail for stadium aisle ways, handrail to section off a restaurant patio, or even rooftop safety railing, this product can do it all. 

Custom configurations are available to fit the exact slopes, turns, and safety needs your commercial, residential, or ADA project requires. That includes multiple installation options, including cored-in, surface/plate mounted, wall mounted, or side mounted. 

Speaking of the installation, the lightweight design will not only make installing the handrail easier, it'll also help lower the price of shipping. We like to call that a "win-win". 

No matter the size of the project, our Aluminum Handrail will be that "silver lining" to take a simple space into a showstopper. 

For more information on our Aluminum Handrail and the rest of our handrail and guardrail options, please contact us today!