Add Standup Sign Holder Systems that Standout to Your Curbside Pickup

The Curbside Pickup craze isn't going anywhere soon so that means your business is going to need to update those hard to read and hard to find sign systems with our standout, standup Pyramid Sign Base Systems. 

Starting at just $129.99, the Pyramid Sign Base Systems from Ideal Shield are the industry's best and most trusted plastic sign base solution. We offer the Sign Bases in four different standard colors, with matching color sleeved signposts, and can include wheels to make the entire system portable for easier maneuvering for the employees.  

Features & Specifications 

  • Sign Base: 22″ H x 22″ W x 22″ D, made of highly durable polyethylene plastic
  • Sign Post: 96″ H x 1.9″ W, steel pipe sleeved with high-density thermoplastic
  • Strong as heavy concrete bases, when properly filled
  • Weighs only 30lbs before being filled; can get up to 175+ lbs. when properly filled 
  • Lightweight design reduces shipping costs
  • Withstands freezing conditions - do not fill with water to capacity to allow expansion when frozen
  • Screw inserts for wheels designed to stop leaking
  • Sign Brackets available. Easy to use and adjust for any sized sign. 

Keeping the Sign Systems standing up is something that is a common issue for most temporary sign systems. That is why the Pyramid Sign Base is designed to be filled up with multiple kinds of filler, including water and base gel mix or either pea gravel or concrete to add even more weight in higher traffic or windier locations. Proper sized signage is also key for stability. 

Clean up your Curbside Pickup areas with the best Curbside Pickup Sign System on the market. Give us a call today to learn more about the capabilities, color options, and more!