Affordable Steel Hand Sanitizer Stands for Any Business

With the re-opening of a lot of businesses and offices around the country, one of the items that will become a familiar sight will be Hand Sanitizer Stands. Expect to see them at most door entrances and throughout facilities and businesses as the fight against COVID-19 continues. That likely goes for your business too. 

If you're in the market for Sanitizer Stands and looking to find a high quality option that doesn't have a three-month lead time, you're in luck. 

Our Hand Sanitizer Stands are made in Detroit and made of U.S. steel to ensure the quality and craftsmanship:  

  • Available in a 12" round base plate (24 lbs) that can be powder-coated in black or silver. 
  • The signpost is U.S. steel sleeved in HDPE plastic, which is available in five different colors including black, yellow, silver, white, or red. 
  • Add your choice of dispenser holder, which is available in either a gallon-sized steel cup or a steel mount for wall dispensers. These holders can also be powder-coated in black or silver. 
  • Dispensers and sanitizer are sold separately. 

Whether you need sanitizer stations in your office, restaurant, retail store, school, warehouse, arena, campus, or park, our Hand Sanitizer Stands are the subtle but sturdy steel stands that can fit just about any application. 

At $99 each, the price is tough to beat for the quality. For more information on our Hand Sanitizer Stands, please contact us today.