Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers Give Businesses and Storefronts a Festive Feel

Looking for a fun and festive way to give your storefront or business more of a holiday feel? Now, you could go overboard, like Clark Griswold, and cover your entire storefront in Italian twinkle lights or you could save a ton of money, energy, and time by adding our Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers

Made from a spandex-like fabric, our Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers stretch and comfortably slide over 6" x 59" bollards or posts. Though, for the best fit, make sure to add our Plastic Bollard Covers as well. 

The Fabric Bollard Covers are UV protected to prevent fading and are machine-washable, meaning that they can withstand the weather in all different climates. Too sunny around the holidays? No problem. Snow and salt covering your parking lot? Not an issue. 

If you need to add a festive feel to your storefront, campus, parking lot, or drive-thru lanes, try adding some of our Candy Cane Bollard Covers today!