Customize Your Bollard Covers with Custom Colors and Decals

Have you been looking for a way to give your storefront, parking lot, or property a more unique, branded look? You could spend a boat load of money on landscaping or a big construction project or you could add some customized Bollard Covers with custom colors and/or decals to really give it some pop! 

We offer a wide array of Bollard Cover options to meet any needs you may have. From thin wall (1/8" thickness) to heavy duty (1/4" thickness), we have all the sizes that can be customized to fit your vision. We also already offer 12 standard colors for our Bollard Covers but we know that you may not be a "standard" person. You want colors to be exact and match your branding, and we can help with that. 

Need to line your storefront with a custom color coded Bollard Cover? Want to add in your logo or call to action to your customers? We can handle all of that with ease. 

Just contact our experienced sales team and we'll get the order started so we can match your exact color needs or decal designs. Custom colors are an added $50 charge and will extend the lead times but are well worth it when they are installed. 

For more information about our color or decal capabilities, contact us today or fill out a Order/Quote Form on your chosen Bollard Cover product page and we'll be in touch!