Freshen Up Those Ugly Posts and Pipes with Clean Bollard Covers

Do you have ugly bollards, posts, or pipes sitting in front of your business, property, or residence that are badly in need of an upgrade? Whether the posts are there for security purposes or not, it's an unpleasant feeling to see rusted and busted pipes everyday. And, let's be honest, just throwing a coat of paint on them hasn't helped at all. 

That is where our tried and trusted Bollard Covers can give those posts a fresh new look that will take your property from an eye sore to a standout in the matter of seconds. 

Here at The Bollard Company, we have a wide array of the industry's best bollard covers. That includes both thick wall and thin wall standard dome-top cover options, Flat Top options, several Decorative Cover designs, and, not to mention, any of our covers can be done in custom colors and/or with custom decals to meet and match your exact branding needs. 

"But the pipes outside my business are too small to fit the covers I want?" 

We have 4" covers that are designed to fit smaller pipes or can include custom steel inserts designed to help your pipes fit the exact Bollard Cover you want. 

Interested in cleaning up those ugly posts and covering them with some new Bollard Covers? Contact us today to learn about our stylistic options, color options, and everything else you might need to go along with your covers.