Go Portable or Permanent with Your Plastic Sign Bases

From designated parking spots to curbside pickup, temporary traffic signage to stadium entrance instructions, having highly visible signage around your business or facility is important. 

Visitors, no matter new or old, are looking for direction when they arrive on your property. Having signage that is colorful and visible will only make their experience better. That is why we suggest adding our Plastic Sign Bases to your business. 

Looking for a portable sign base option? Our Pyramid Sign Base is available with wheels to make maneuvering the sign base system, whether full or empty, much easier for any employee. We also offer our Pyramid Sign Bases in any color you could imagine to meet your branding needs. Custom decals are available as well. 

Would a permanent sign base be a better fit? Either our Pyramid Sign Base or our Octagon Sign Base can be permanently. While the Pyramid Base would be permanent with a concrete filler, the Octagon Base is designed to be anchored into the ground, if necessary. Both bases are available in any color to match your branding needs as well. 

Old fashioned concrete sign bases are heavy, messy, ugly and just a pain in the butt to work with. Ditch the heavy rock and go with the sleek, colorful plastic sign bases to give your visitors and customers a much warmer welcome. 

For more information on our permanent or portable sign bases, please feel free to contact us today