Helpful Ways to Boost Curbside Pickup Services

The curbside pickup craze continues as just about every product based business in the country has joined in. From national restaurant chains to mom and pop pizzerias, global retailers to the hardware store on the corner, adapting to the current COVID world and getting the products to the people without stepping foot inside the building is key to surviving this pandemic.  

Whether you're just introducing a first-time curbside pickup service or looking for ways to improve your current set up, here are some helpful tips on giving your to-go service a boost: 

1. Add an App or Webstore 

Websites and apps are very important for curbside ordering. Customers need to see the food or products when ordering and as the times change, less and less people are comfortable calling businesses over the phone. So, adapting to the consumer, find a popular app like DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats to join or look to add a webstore function to your website. 

Also, don't forget to improve the photos of your products. Whether it's food, machinery, or clothing, with people not coming inside the store, it's important for them to see exactly what they're purchasing beforehand. 

2. Designated Parking 

Parking can be a problem for a lot of businesses. Finding designated spots right in front of a store can be difficult, especially if you don't have your own parking lot and share one with other businesses. But it's key to make curbside pickup work. 

Whether it is using portable signs to line up on the sidewalk for cars to pull up next to or requesting to designate specific parking spots up front, find a way to have close parking spots marked off for "Curbside Pickup Only". 

3. Prominent Signage 

To have designated parking, you'll need proper signage. But to really boost your curbside services, you'll need prominent signage. Something that'll catch customers and visitor's attention while also remaining stable and strong to withstand the weather. 

That's where our Pyramid Sign Bases come in. The hottest selling curbside pickup sign option on the market are available in just about any color imaginable and are designed to standout and stay standing up. Brand it to meet your business or building to really set yourself apart. 

Curbside pickup services are here to stay. Make sure your restaurant, retail store, or business is not only ready but set up to succeed with the best processes possible. Contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about our Pyramid Sign Bases or our other curbside pickup signage options.