Improve Storage Facilities with Bollard Covers, Sign Bases & Handrail

Each and every day, self-storage facility units see plenty of visitors. Cars pulling in, people carrying furniture, pull carts hauling items. It can be a little crazy at times which is why accident prevention is key for facility owners. 

Damage can come from everywhere at a storage facility. It can be done from maneuvering trucks, both large and small, around the facility and backing up to the dock doors. It can be done by individuals unloading large hauls on to push carts. It can be done while two people try to carry that three piece sectional sofa from the parking lot to the storage entrance. 

Accidents and damage can happen at anytime at a storage facility. 

That's why it's so important to do everything possible to prevent those accidents. That is where we come in. 

Check out Bollard Company's top products for self-storage facilities: 

Bollard Covers

Guard entrance gates, key code boxes, building corners, dock doors and more with our diverse array of bollard covers, including dome top, flat top, and decorative options. 

Sign Systems

From our Bollard Sign Systems to our portable plastic Sign Bases and flexible sign structures, we have everything you could need to improve signage and guarding around the facility. 


Handrail can be used to improve safety and aesthetics at a storage facility. Our aluminum and steel pipe and plastic handrails are perfect fits to do both. 

If you're a self-storage facility owner or manager, looking to improve the look, feel and protection of your facility, contact Bollard Company today. We also offer a wide array of the industry's top bollard posts and guardrail options, including dock door protection.