Keep Visitors and Employees Safe with Hand Sanitizer Stands

As offices, warehouses, stores, and stadiums across the country start to prepare for the return of guests, one of the first things that will be necessary will be easy access to hand sanitizer. Having stations set up throughout the facility will help keep your people clean and safe. That is why we designed new, sturdy, customizable freestanding Sanitizer Stands

Made in the USA and with U.S. materials, our Sanitizer Stands come with a round 12"- 24lbs. steel base plate, 60" tall steel post, and your choice of either a dispenser cup (designed to fit a gallon jug) or steel mount for wall mount-style dispensers. You can also add some color to your new stands as we can sleeve the post in five different colors as well as powder coat the base plate and dispenser holders to meet your branding needs. 

Though we don't sell or supply the hand sanitizer with the stands, you can purchase our sanitizer stands immediately on our website for a great price of $99 each! 

So, don't wait any longer. Your customers and employees will be expecting Sanitizer Stations to be readily available throughout your business. Make sure you have the most reliable by purchasing online or contacting our sales team today to learn more about our capabilities.