Need Custom Color Bollard Covers? We Can Handle That

Branding is a very important part of marketing any business. Keeping your company's messaging, logos, and color schemes consistent and out in front of the customers is key to building your brand. That is why we focus on offering the most standard colors and custom color Bollard Covers on the market. 

Finding the right Bollard Cover can be difficult. We try to make it as easy on you as possible to get the exact colors you need with your covers. Offering 12 standard colors, which includes multiple shades of popular colors, we have 1/4" Bollard Covers in stock that can meet most needs. But if one of our standard colors don't quite meet your specific color code, we can do custom colors for $50 charge. 

Matching over 600 colors over the years, we may have already done the color you need before. But just in case we haven't, we have ability to blend our coloring to get the exact Pantone number or other color code you will need. 

Looking to be the talk of town with bold blue Bollard Covers around your bank? 

How about a dynamic purple for your retail storefront? 

Want to catch the attention of all drivers with a eye-popping green around your parking lot? 

Every company has an exact color code or mix of colors that they want their buildings, restaurants, storefronts, and drive-thru lanes to match. So, make sure your security bollards match those colors as well. 

Order your new Bollard Covers today or for more information, give us a call to discuss our custom color capabilities and how we can help you enhance your branding.