Plastic, Portable Sign Bases are Perfect for Any Signage Need

Have you been dealing with the struggle that comes with concrete sign bases? Whether it’s at your business, facility or property, hauling around heavy, nearly immovable sign bases is, not only bad for your back, but it’s also a bad look for your business.

But neither are issues you’ll have to deal with anymore thanks to our innovative, portable plastic sign bases:

Made from durable, heavy-duty, HDPE plastic, our portable sign posts and bases include easy-to-install wheels and just so happen to be the perfect fit for a very diverse array of uses, including:

  • Curbside pickup, drive-thru windows and/or carryout restaurants
  • School crosswalk
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Police, fire and other emergency personnel situations
  • Handicap, accessible, or specialized parking
  • Construction sites
  • Temporary parking zones

But unlike the heavy, outdated, competitor sign bases made of concrete, our plastic sign bases are made to be used by everyone and anyone.

Weighing just 30lbs, our portable sign bases are a tenth of the weight of the concrete bases, which means they shipping costs are much cheaper. But that’s not the #1 selling point. That’s the usage and movement ease that comes with the bases which is extremely convenient for any employee or worker.

So, whether you’re a business owner looking to make everyday duties a little easier, a police chief looking to lighten the load of your officers, or a city manager trying to improve the look of your parks and facilities, our portable sign bases with wheels are the right fit for you.

For more information on our plastic sign bases or any of our other products, make sure to contact us at the Bollard Company today.