Products to Protect Fast Food Drive-Thru Lanes & Equipment

Drive-thru lanes are everything to the fast food industry. According to Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Americans visit drive-thru lanes about 6 billion times each year and 60-70% of most fast food sales come through drive-thru customers alone. That is a staggering percentage and only continues to grow as Americans rely more on convenience. 

When 60-70% of your sales come from one specific area of your business, it's important to protect that area to ensure there are no shutdowns or slowdowns. At the Bollard Company, we can help you keep your drive-thru lanes humming along. 

Bollard Protection 

For hundreds of years, bollards have been used to keep vehicles from impacting buildings and pedestrian-friendly areas. It's the ideal solution for drive-thru protection but just any steel bollard won't give your restaurant full protection. That is why we suggest adding the C40 Impact Bollard, which is a 6" security bollard designed to stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph with less than 24" of vehicle penetration. 

While it may be extremely difficult for any vehicle to get up to that speed in a drive-thru lane, having that added piece of security will ensure the protection of your restaurant and drive-thru lane components including menu displays, speaker systems, windows, and facility gas and water meters. 

We also offer simple Base Plate BollardsRemovable Locking BollardsCollapsible BollardsFlexible Bollards, and more. 

Sign Systems 

Signage is key for any drive-thru lane as the customers are in prime position to be marketed and are also in need of information. Whether that's information on products or parking places, it's important to have high quality signage that will not only standup but will also standout. 

We offer two of the industry's best options for drive-thru signage, including the Pyramid Sign Base for temporary signage needs and the Bollard Sign System for permanent signage needs. 

Pyramid Sign Bases are perfect for curbside pickup and temporary parking locations while the Bollard Sign System can be fully installed for protection along the drive-thru lane as well as permanent parking signs for handicap accessible parking, drive-thru pickup parking spots, or any other parking lot signage needs. 

Height Restriction 

Letting your customers know exactly how much room they have in the drive-thru will stop problems before they ever happen. That is why Clearance Bars are so important. Taller trucks or vans may not think twice about pulling into a drive-thru, which is why it's important to give them a "heads up" about the height restrictions in the drive-thru. 

While some are building order box specific structures for height restriction, our Clearance Bars and Apparatus is a much more affordable solution for headache bars. Add custom messages or get it in a specific colors to meet branding guidelines while saving money to use elsewhere around the restaurant.  

Lane Delineators 

Drive-thru lane delineators are key to keeping vehicles in their lanes, especially in the double drive-thru lanes that eventually merge towards the pickup windows. We offer simple but effective Delineator Posts to guide vehicles through the lanes and help protect customers while walking through the parking lots. 

There are 200,000 fast food restaurants in the United States in 2022 and that number just continues to rise year after year. Most of those restaurants also have drive-thru lanes that are in need of protection. So, if you own or operate any of those locations, give us a call today to learn more about how our products can protect your drive-thru lane equipment.