Solidify Storefront Protection & Signage with Bollard Sign Systems

Finding ways to protect your storefronts or parking lots is important. Storefront crashes, whether accident or incident, are extremely costly and have become all too common. But you don't want your business, parking lot, or property to look like a fortress. That is why we suggest adding our Bollard Sign Systems to your property to improve storefront protection and signage.

Bollard Sign Systems are a simple but sturdy system. Made from Schedule 40 steel pipe covered by a 1/4" Bollard Cover and a 1 1/4" steel sign post sleeved in HDPE plastic, the Bollard Signs are available in 4" or 6" bollard options.

During the manufacturing and fabrication process, we use precision machinery to ensure the cleanest cuts possible to the Bollard Cover for the signpost. This will guarantee a clean look that you deserve.

Looking to make your new sign system standout a bit? Customize it with any color Bollard Cover you'd like, as well as custom decals for your company's logo, slogan, or promotion. 

The Bollard Sign Systems are fantastic for handicap accessible parking spots, designated parking spots, curbside pickup or mobile ordering programs, traffic signage, or any other permanent signage need you may have. 

Whether you're looking to give your business or parking lot a fresh feel, improve your storefront protection, or introduce a new curbside pickup program, our Bollard Sign Systems are the perfect, permanent fit. 

For more information on our Sign Systems and Bollard options, contact our experienced sales team today!