Flexible Bollard

Flexible Bollard

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Reflective Stripes

Available in both Standard and Heavy-Duty options, the Flexible Bollard features surface mounted zinc coated anchors to give the bollard 360° of flexibility. This allows for the bollard to absorb contact from accidents while limiting damage to both the bollard and the vehicle.

The Flexible Bollard comes custom fit with a paint-free, maintenance-free 6” bollard cover, which is available in any color and can be custom designed to fit any branding needs.

Features & Specs: 

  • Style: Standard or Heavy Duty
  • Colors: Yellow, Red, Accessible Blue, White, Black, Light Gray and Urban Bronze
  • Installation Options: Asphalt or Concrete
  • Height: 52”
  • Reflective Stripes (add $5 per sleeve): Red, Yellow, Silver or None

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