Flexible Sign Stick

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Flexible Sign Stick

The Flexible Sign Stick is a flexible signpost that will flex upon impact and decrease the amount of broken signposts in parking lots. So, no more worrying about fixing and replacing bent and broken signposts. 


Features & Specs: 

  • Signpost: 6 foot 1.66" round steel signpost sleeved in plastic 
  • Standard height is 72" 
  • Base Plate: 9.5" square 7 gauge standard steel plate 
  • Features carbon steel torsion spring with 1/2" zinc coated bolts 
  • Offers 360 degrees of flexibility 
  • Installation options: Asphalt or Concrete 
  • Color options: Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Add Sign Brackets for easy signage installation
  • For lead time info, give us a call