Flexible Sign System

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Flexible Sign System

The Flexible Sign System features a surface mounted ½” diameter carbon steel torsion spring, which allows for 360° of flexibility so it can deflect and absorb the impact from a vehicle, covered by a Bollard Cover. The torsion spring will not only limit damage to the vehicle but also limit damage to the bollard sign system itself.



Features & Specs: 

  • Available in Standard or Heavy Duty application 
  • Features 360° of flexibility
  • Easily installed and removed; features 1/2" zinc coated bolts 
  • Includes 1/8" Bollard Cover; your choice of color 
  • Bollard Cover & Signpost Colors: Yellow, Red or Blue 
  • Installation Options: Asphalt or Concrete
  • Overall height is 72" tall (Bollard Cover is 52")
  • Add Sign Brackets for easy signage installation 
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