Yellow plastic parking block

Parking Block

Bollard Company
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Height 20.00
Width 9.00
Depth 20.00
Availability In Stock
Decal Options Required
Installation Hardware

Bollard Company's Plastic Parking Block uses the latest and greatest technology on the market - polypropylene skin mold injected with expanded polypropylene beads – to give you, the customer, a reliable product.

The advanced manufacturing process greatly reduces the overall weight of the plastic parking block, which lowers shipping costs, while remaining as tough as the outdated concrete parking stops.

Benefits opposed to conventional concrete parking blocks include: 

•         At only 6lbs, our plastic parking block is lightweight and durable
•         Simple, one person installation
•         No need to rent expensive equipment to install
•         Both heat and cold tested - won't bend, buckle or break 

Quantity discounts and private labeling are also available. 

For more information on our plastic parking blocks, please contact us today at the Bollard Company.