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Steel Pipe Bollards

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At the Bollard Company, we know what's important to you - guarding your equipment and your employees and customers. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, you need it protected and our Steel Safety Bollards are the perfect way to get the job done.

Our American Made steel safety bollards are available in any size and can be either plate-mounted or core installed. We also can provide a variety of finishes including galvanized, primed, or painted.

Quick Specs

  • 4’’, 6’’, & 8’’ Sch 40 x 7’ - 0’’ long steel pipe
  • 4’’, 6’’, & 8’’ Sch 80 x 4' - 9' custom size length pipe available 
  • Multiple locations for great freight rates
  • Finishes: Bollard Cover (any color), Raw, Galvanized, Primed, or Finished Coat.
  • Standard sticks; also available in Base Plated, Removable, Collapsible, Traffic Impact, and Flexible options

Common Uses: Storefronts, drive-thru lanes, gas stations, propane protection, etc.

Bollard company provides protection where you need it most. For more information on our available safety bollards, please contact us today at 1-888-657-0790